Grabo Plank-it lvt flooring

Performance Features that are Solutions for Your Projects

  • Exceptional 1,100 PSI Static Load Limit gives long lasting durability.
  • Unique Fiberglass Backing provides superior adhesion and dimensional stability. The floor stays in place with no movement once installed.
  • No/Zero Fillers used in manufacture of materials means only quality controlled factory made components are throughout the floor.
  • Patented iGuard surface and Group T Abrasion Resistance resist stains while protecting the appearance of the floor long term.


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Click Images to Enlarge

The Grabo PlankIT is 2.5 mm thick Design Floor covering (LVT), which has 22-mil wear layer designed for commercial application. Exceptional 1,100 lb. static load limit and patented IGuard Protective Coating.

Available in 23 colors and patterns.

Standard plank size is 7-inches x 48-inches.  Custom sizes available.



  • No Waste Production
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Environmentally Sound
  • Phthalate Free