Transcribe Dry Erase Wallcovering and Dry Erase Paint


Whenever the need exists for visual communication, we have the solution. Transcribe Dry Erase Wallcovering and SNAP! Dry Erase Paint have thousands of proven installations worldwide.

Don’t be limited by pre-configured whiteboards. Cover entire walls from floor to ceiling. Cover columns, hallways and custom fit our dry erase material into any size space.  Dry Erase walls of ANY COLOR imaginable.

Conference and training rooms, nurses stations and patient rooms, individual offices and public office areas, classrooms and more. Your imagination is the only limitation to the range of uses for Transcribe Dry Erase Wallcovering and SNAP! Dry Erase Paint.

Transcribe Dry Erase Walls have changed the way we do business.

Transcribe Dry Erase Wall Covering

Transcribe Dry Erase Wallcovering creates custom "writeable walls".  

Entire walls in Conference Rooms, individual Offices, Training Areas and Public Spaces.  Flat or curved walls, columns, and hallways.  These can all become places where ideas are created and shared.  From strategizing to educating, Transcribe can meet your needs.

Choose from the following to fit your needs.

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Quick Specs

  • Easily maintained writing surface, tested to stand up to everyday erasing and cleaning.
  • Ten-year limited warranty.  Class A Rated.  Designed for Commercial Usage. 
  • Accessory package includes Marker Tray, Perimeter Trim and Tac Strip.
  • Available in Writing Only, Projection Capable and Magnetic Receptive finishes.


SNAP Dry Erase Paint

The CLEAR 1-Step choice to Create Writable Surfaces

  • SNAP! is a Clear Coating. Unlimited Color Palette: Can be painted over Sherwin Williams Prep Rite Problock or PPG Seal Grip Interior/Exterior Acrylic Primer tinted to any desired color.   

  • This is a single component paint (no mixing of two cans).

  • Has little odor and a low VOC of 7. Can be applied in occupied settings.

  • No “pot life” to contend with. Will not cure out quickly like others.

  • Ready to use as a Writing Surface after only 5 days

Dry erase paint Kit Includes

  • One quart of 1-Part Dry Erase Paint

  • Two Custom 9-inch Rollers

  • One Can Opener

  • Quick Installation Guide

  • Wet Paint Sign

Transcribe ONE Dry Erase System

Versatile & Colorful: Magnetic Dry Erase Writing Walls

Transcribe Dry Erase Solutions manufactures both Wallcovering and Coatings. This gives us the know-how and ability to engineer the most user friendly, durable and functional dual component product available: ONE Dry Erase System. This presentation tool is a floor to ceiling magnetic receptive wall of any color that is designed for Dry Erase Writing. ONE Dry Erase System is the ultimate wall for collaboration and creativity.

How does it work?

Enhance your collaboration and communication in three simple steps! It's never been easier to create your very own  floor to ceiling Magnetic Dry Erase Wall in ANY color!  


      Cork Trim (2" wide)  

      Cork Trim (2" wide)  

            Expo Bold              Color Markers

            Expo Bold
        Color Markers

         Marker Tray          with End Caps

         Marker Tray
         with End Caps

    Expo Cleaner

    Expo Cleaner

      Micro-Fiber Eraser

      Micro-Fiber Eraser

Perimeter Trim    (1.75" wide)

Perimeter Trim
(1.75" wide)