Forestree - Exquisite Wood Wallcoverings

Forestree - sustainable and renewable wood.

From afar and up close, Forestree™ wood wallcovering adds depth and integrity to your interior experience. Our natural, durable, and beautiful wood wallcoverings deliver wonder and delight to any room, from any perspective.  Specified Solutions supplies wood veneer products for every application, helping you achieve your desired visual effect.



ClassicWood™ is our premium grade of natural wood veneers used for our finest wood projects. It is available in more than 200 veneer species, including domestics, exotics, and burls. CraftWood is real wood you can trust with the inherent functional and aesthetic benefits of high quality wood products

Friendly Forest™


Friendly Forest™ is our reconstituted wood veneer line. It is composed exclusively from rapidly-renewable trees and designed to simulate the appearance of nature’s most beautiful tree species, including pine, oak, ash, birch, chestnut, maple, cottonwood, and bamboo. This line offers the beauty, authenticity, and durability of real wood grain at a value that is intelligent and economical.