Sports Floors for all types and levels of competition.  Our Vinyl and Parquet floors offer solutions that range from K-12 gymnasium renovations to highly engineered features for joint protection of collegiate & professional athletes.  With installations within more than 70 countries around the globe, these floors are being tested on a daily basis by hundreds of thousands of people who compete, work out or play on them.  Providing cutting edge R&D engineering for the ultimate Sports Floor surface.100% Recyclable and FloorScore Certified.

Why Grabo Sport Flooring?

  • Wide range of products and applications
  • High-tech flooring for competition and training
  • Applications from K-12 Schools to college & professional high-level competition sport facilities
  • Wood Parquet and Vinyl Sport Floorings, special coverings and accessories
  • Grabo is a certified ISO Environmentally Responsible Manufacturer
  • All products are 100% recyclable and contain carefully controlled recycled content
  • Reduced Risk of Injury

    Optimal Vertical Deformation
    Advanced Comfort

    Special foam backing provides optimal vertical deformation, increasing the comfort and reducing the risk of physical injuries.

  • Easy Change of Direction

    Optimal Traction Coefficient
    A Perfectly Balanced Grip and Slip

    Unique surface design ensures a balanced level of friction that facilitates quick direction change and reduces the risk of slips and trips.

  • Long Term Protection

    Outstanding Shock Absorption
    Efficient Joint and Cartilage Protection

    Due to excellent shock absorption, they provide a long-term protection of athletes' joints and cartilages during regular sporting sessions.

  • Superior for Ball Sports

    Consistent Ball Bounce
    Excellent Athletic Performance

    These floorings are ideal for team ball sports, as they do not affect the play and deliver consistent rebound and spin characteristics.