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Grabo SilverKnight Wall Protection

Grabo SilverKnight Wall Protection


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Grabo SilverKnight Wall is designed to protect your walls with its impact resistant fiberglass inner layer. This one of a kind wallcovering utilizes patented silver ion technology to disrupt and eliminate harmful microbials that come in contact with its surface. Including bacteria & viruses. SilverKnight Wall Hygienic sheet flooring and wall covering.

A perfect companion to Grabo SilverKnight Flooring, creating a floor to ceiling high-performance system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the bacteria/virus eliminating effect of SilverKnight Products versus antibacterial properties of some others?

SilverKnight eliminates bacteria & viruses. The bacteria elimination technology means that pathogens are destroyed by coming in contact with the surface. Generally, floorings promoting antibacterial properties do not actually destroy pathogens. They prevent the further growth/reproduction of bacteria.

Are silver and titanium dioxide harmful?

No. Both are inert earth minerals. Silver has been used as a natural disinfectant for centuries (from the early making of cutlery, cups and surgical instruments to modern-day advanced technologies). Titanium dioxide is widely used in the textile industry, health & beauty products and also the production of building materials. There is no currently accepted study or report that would prove that these components are harmful for humans.

Does SilverKnight adversely affect people?

No. None of its components contains harmful substances or produces emission.

Are the silver and titanium dioxide within SilverKnight released into the environment?

No. They are molecularly bonded within the wear layer of the flooring. The patented Tech Surface ensures that silver and titanium dioxide are integrated into the surface, without being released.

Can bacteria gain resistance towards SilverKnight technology?

SilverKnight utilizes silver ions to block cell division, destabilize the cell membrane, wall or plasma and interrupt the transport of nutrients. While titanium dioxide catalyzes the oxidation of all organic matter. Thus pathogens cannot gain resistance towards the process.

Is SilverKnight tested to be effective against bacteria?

Yes. Independent Laboratory Testing shows SilverKnight reduces bacteria including MRSA, VRE, ESBL & C Difficil. These tests include the most frequent and dangerous “super bacteria” found within hospital environments. However, silver can destroy over 600 various kinds of bacteria; therefore, the flooring surface efficiency is not limited to only the bacterium strains included in the test. In addition titanium dioxide/TiO2 oxidizes all organic matters without exception.

Is SilverKnight tested to be effective against viruses?

Yes. Grabo SilverKnight has been tested to show its technology is also efficient against viruses. See Manufacturer’s Declaration.