Collection: USV Wallcovering

US Vinyl is one of the top commercial wall covering manufacturers within the world-wide wallcovering industry. Their quality product is manufactured in Lafayette, Georgia.

Known for their superior design and unbeatable pricing for commercial vinyl wallcoverings, USV continues to grow and meet the industry’s needs.


Over 30 years ago, US Vinyl was established, as the founder saw a need for high-quality commercial wallcovering with cutting edge design at affordable pricing.

In 1994, USV moved from Houston to LaFayette, Georgia. At the time, the commercial vinyl wallcovering industry was solvent-based, and the company wanted to utilize a more economically sound water-based printing. With this in mind, the plant in Georgia was designed and built to reflect this greener way of doing business.

Today, USV is one of the top commercial wallcovering manufacturers in the hospitality industry, producing many hundreds of thousands of yards of custom wallcovering each year.