We are your source of industry leading contract wallcoverings. Fashion forward collections of color and texture showcase the most current design trends. Fresh innovative palettes combined with a vast array of neutral colors satisfy all market segments. High-end style and distinctive patterns separate us from the competition.

  • Compelling textures and prints in a wide array of substrates
  • Beautiful textiles designed to perform in commercial environments
  • Real wood veneers
  • Digital Printing onto various substrates
  • Acoustical coverings
  • Micro-vented wallcoverings
  • Custom design solutions

US Vinyl Wall Coverings

US Vinyl is one of the top wall covering manufacturers in the commercial wallcovering industry.  USV produces thousands of yards of wall covering each year manufacturered in Lafayette, Georgia. Known for their superior design and unbeatable pricing, USV continues to grow and meet the industries needs.  View all of the USV patterns and colors by clicking on the button below.


Expanding into a new office in The Goat Farm Art Center in Atlanta, USV will open a creative space for its Á Parti Pris Design Studio where U.S. Vinyl will work with wallcovering designers and artists to develop these collections. This office  is  the  first  outside  of  the company’s Lafayette, Georgia, headquarters (some 123 miles away), giving the new division focused on imagination a place of its own.

The raw spaces of The Goat Farm Art Center in Atlanta serve as the perfect spot for a new studio where design can flourish for USV.The Farm, built by two young men out of what was a former cotton gin manufacturing plant, is organic, intriguing and at the cusp of pushing Atlanta’s cultural scene forward.

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SR Wood - sustainable and renewable wood.

Walls, ceilings, columns, panels, cabinets, countertops, doors, millwork, furniture, fixtures, planes, boats, automobiles… SR Wood can go virtually anywhere! Specified Solutions supplies wood veneer products for every application, helping you achieve your desired visual effect.



Ceilings are no match for SR Wood. Simply apply our cloth-backed wood veneer, and you will have a finish you'll look up to.

Recommended products:
• Cloth-backed        


Making new doors?  Resurfacing old ones?  Both are easy with our wood veneer products, and the results will look great.

Recommended products:
• Paper-backed
• Wood-backed
• Laminate-backed
• PSA-backed
• Natural Cork        


Create design work that has no rival… real wood, custom made into wallcovering to your project's specifications.  It is the perfect partner allowing you to use matching wood door skins and millwork manufactured from the same log.  

For wallcovering, we recommend our cloth-backed wood veneer, specially designed to apply to drywall, as well as our natural cork.

Recommended products:
• Cloth-backed
• Natural Cork 

To view all species plus technical data and specifications,
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